Eduline AC Charging Set for emobility

Our Eduline AC Charging Set: We show how e-mobility works

Electromobility is booming and more and more electric cars are conquering our roads. With this development, demand in the field of e-mobility is growing rapidly. Our Eduline AC Charging Set reflects this up-and-coming sector and conveys exciting learning content about electromobility.

Learners and interested parties from technical training courses can use the AC Charging Set to simulate complete charging scenarios, various fault simulations and commissioning measurements. At the same time, exciting and valuable learning content relating to the charging of electric cars is conveyed.

With the training board, you can immerse yourself in the future of electromobility and expand your knowledge in an exciting way. To make classroom and laboratory situations simple and interesting, we support you with supplementary training materials.

> Technical data

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AC charging control with embedded Linux system

Simulation of various charging scenarios

Choice of different vehicle types

Energy measurement

RFID detection

Residual current measurement

Parameterization via web interface

For Whom

Teachers and learners of technical vocational schools

Teachers and students of technical courses

Industrial customers

Private newcomers to the subject of electromobility

For What

Interdisciplinary teaching

Basics of AC charging technology

Fault simulations

Simulation of commissioning measurements

Simulation of charging parks by combining several AC charging sets

More adantages

CHARX conrol modular with open Linux platform

Dynamic charging and load management

Convenient parameterization via web-based management

Flexible scaling and expansion from charging station to charging park

Information about the Eduline AC Charging Board Set

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